Cleaning and Caring for Rubber B Straps for Rolex Watches

Rubber B Watch Strap for Rolex Watches

You may be familiar with the Rubber B strap for Rolex watches.  It is a high-quality strap made specifically for Rolex watches by Rubber B (a third party company with no relation to Rolex itself).  The band is made of vulcanized rubber, such as the same material found in OMEGA, Panerai, and Tag Heuer bands.

Even though vulcanized rubber is hardy and more resistant to environmental aging elements than other rubbers such as a thermoplastic rubber, the band itself still needs to be routinely cleaned and fed with proper moisturizers to preserve its longevity.  WristClean’s Rubber & Leather Band Care is a product that is ideal for uniquely cleaning and preserving rubber and leather watch bands.  The product emulsifies dirt and body oils from the band, while feeding it the proper moisturizers to keep the band supple over time.  Otherwise, an uncared band will eventually dry and crack over time, sometimes turning white in the process.

To purchase WristClean’s Rubber & Leather Band Care, please visit this link to be taken to the factory store:

Follow these simple steps to care properly for your Rubber B band:

1.  You can skip to step 2 if your band is relatively clean.  Otherwise, if it has been a considerable amount of time since you have last cleaned your strap and it shows dirt, please use WristClean’s Watch Spray to remove excess dirt and body oils/salts.  Spray your Rubber B strap with Watch Spray and either use your fingers to rub the band’s surfaces and/or use WristClean’s Watch Brush to clean hard to reach areas.  Once finished, towel dry with WristClean’s Watch Drying Cloth.

2.   Apply some product to a WristClean’s Watch Drying Cloth.  You can also use WristClean’s Watch Cloth HD4, but generally a thicker, more suede-like material of the Watch Drying Cloth is favored because it makes this process easier.

2.  Wipe the damp cloth onto the Rubber B strap and leave on the rubber for several minutes.  Ensure that enough product is on the surface of the band to allow it to be slightly absorbed by the band itself.

4.  After several minutes, use the same Watch Drying Cloth to wipe the excess off the Rubber B strap.

5.  Use a new Watch Drying Cloth or clean side of the existing cloth previously used and gently buff or massage the surfaces of the Rubber B strap to reveal a clean, factory-like finish.  Note:  This process will reveal a clean, well moisturized strap.  It will not however remove scuffs or damage already made to the strap.  The more often WristClean’s Rubber & Leather Band Care is used, the more supple your band will become.  The more often the product is used, the better your strap will be preserved and well taken care of.

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