Scratches Can Happen! Avoiding Scratches in your WristWatch

Preventing Watch Scratches

It is tough to own something and have it look terrible because of scratches or micro-marring (small, light patterns of scratches).  Growing up on twenty acres, my family had a lot of trees and a lot of trees that needed to be cut up.  Trees may have fallen over in a wind storm or died and posed a destructive threat as they swayed day by day.  Speaking of scratches, I still remember my dad wearing his Rolex Datejust two-tone that he won through an entrepreneurial program from Ford Motor Company.  The thing was, he wore it while chain sawing trees.  My dad helped me relax a bit over the years, as I am uptight about things and deeply care about the maintenance and care of things like watches, cars, lawn equipment, etc.  But, I do have a chuckle about the tree memory.  It is obviously a terrific way to welcome scratches and dings on your Rolex!  And, speaking of his Datejust, it did accumulate quite a few scratches to the metal case and band and its watch crystal!

Accumulating scratches is normal, as it is nearly impossible to prevent entirely.  However, there are a few things that are helpful to be aware of, so you can lessen the chances of accumulating them.

Here are some tips to prevent scratches:

  1. Don’t wear your watch while chain sawing trees or engaging in rigorous activities
  2. Train yourself to not put your wrist on the table or counter.  It’s easy to rest your arms on the table in front of you at your office or dinner table, but this is a sure way to scuff and scratch the underside of your band. You can also opt for a leather or rubber band if you do a lot of sitting.  This will save your metal band from accumulating scratches.
  3. Be careful of your sleeves.  Surprisingly, your coat or long sleeve shirt sometimes have ends that scratch the sides of your watch case, especially highly-polished surfaces.  For example, the Rolex Submariner has a highly polished case (the sides).  It will accumulate scratches from long sleeves or coats.  You will begin to see micro-marring.
  4. When you take your watch off at night, be careful to not let the back of the watch case touch the metal band.  Keep the watch “open” and the band away from the back of the watch.  The Rolex Submariner will start accumulating scratches from letting the two surfaces touch.  The band will start causing micro-marring on the back of the watch case.  For watches with backs that are made of crystals or those that are engraved such as many of the OMEGA watches, it will be tougher to accumulate scratches.  For watches with plain backs, this is the opposite and you can potentially gain scratches from this.

Clean your watch often with WristClean’s Watch Spray.  Believe it or not, accumulated body oils and dirt and salts can lead to scratches.  Particles can sit on top of your metal and/or crystal surfaces and be moved from gentle touching, causing scratches to accumulate.  This is why it is critical to keep your watch clean and exercise routine maintenance.

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