Vintager Straps: The Man Behind the Strap


Any watch owner is concerned about their watch in terms of comfort and they usually shell out thousands of dollars to seek higher quality components. There is a significant difference in quality in terms of a thousand dollar watch vs a $100 watch – better crystal, better stainless steel, heightened water resistance, etc. Sometimes the one area lacking, however is in the strap. The quality may be high, but sometimes straps lack the comfort expected from a high-end watch.  Below:  You can see a Rolex Submariner with the Vintager Canvas strap.


Many watch enthusiasts seeking a more comfortable strap have come to know a gentleman by the name of Micah. They also have to come to know that not only fine wine stems from Napa Valley, CA. So do high-quality straps! Micah has been custom making high-end straps to fit all kinds of watches. He only uses high-end materials and components. His canvas straps are made from vintage army canvas from Vietnam and his leather is supple and genuine. You can contact him on his website and provide him your wrist size and explain what you need in terms of lug size.  Below:  You can see the high-quality Vintager leather strap.


Not only can you upgrade in terms of comfort, but you have a great option to customize and change the look of your wristwatch with a Vintager strap. A new strap can really change the look of your Rolex Submariner, Paneria Luminor, etc. If you are contemplating a new watch strap or seeking a new look for your watch, I highly recommend Vintager straps!

For questions, email

You can see photos and video below of my trip to Grand Cayman in May of 2014. I wore my Rolex Submariner on a canvas strap made by Micah. To order the same strap, please click here. I wore the canvas strap throughout the Caribbean and swam with the stingrays in Stingray City.





We had sent over a list of questions to Micah at Vintager Straps and below are his responses.

What straps do you offer?  What materials?
–  I offer primarily leather straps, but I also offer alligator and canvas straps.  My straps are made in a robust, simple style that compliments a watch rather than competing with it.
Are your straps water resistant or come with a warranty?
–  Some more than others, but in general leather is not ideal for water exposure.  My straps come with a complete guarantee that includes replacement if the strap is ruined due to use, misuse, abuse, burning it for warmth, your dog eating it in a fit of rage, whatever… if your strap is ruined I will replace it.
How and why did you get into making straps for wristwatches?
–  As a watch collector I spent several years buying straps myself. Several of the straps I’d paid hundreds of dollars for fell far short of my expectations, and I thought “Well I bet I could make a better strap than this.” Turns out I was right :-)
What is your background as a watch enthusiast?  What first interested you in watches?
–  I became fascinated with watches when I was about 12 or 13, when Swatch really took off.  As I got older I became obsessed with Rolex, like most neophytes I considered Rolex to be the ultimate in watches.   When I learned that Rolex and Panerai were related, I became a Panerai aficionado, which in turn led to an interest in straps.
What is a fun fact about yourself and your company?
–  I usually listen to books-on-tape while working on straps, and my company has only one employee:  Me!
What is your favorite watch?  What is your favorite strap that you make?
–  Currently my favorite watch is my Panerai 372, in my opinion it’s the best modern Panerai ever produced.  I nearly always wear Mausers on my personal watches.
Name a few characteristics of your straps and/or craftsmanship that differentiate yourself from your competitors?
–  First and foremost, unlike many strap makers I’m full time, this isn’t a weekend hobby for me, it’s my career, it’s how I feed my family, so I am highly motivated to make every customer happy.  Second, I make every strap by hand myself.  Many strap “makers” are actually strap retailers, who put their name on straps other people make.  With me my name is on my own work, so I have no excuse for poorly made straps.  Third, as a watch nut myself I have a very personal understanding of what watch aficionados want from their straps because it’s the same things I want.  I started making straps to satisfy my own demands, and those demands are the same ones most watch enthusiasts have.
Is there a comment or note or any random information that you want us to pass on to our readers?  It can be anything that interests you.
–  I stand entirely behind every strap I make; if you get something from me and it’s not what you want, it doesn’t fit, it’s not the color you expected, whatever…. I will replace it expediently and free of charge, and if I can’t make something you like I’ll give you a full refund!  And for me personally… GO SHARKS!  Stanley Cup this year please :-)

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