OMEGA Watch Repair – Is it Worth It?


After waiting a few weeks, I finally received the OMEGA Seamaster Professional back from Swatch’s repair center in Secacus, NJ and wanted to post information on the overall service and hopefully help out those thinking about sending their watch(es) in for repair.  This complete service overhaul was performed May of 2014.

Previous condition

It probably would have been smart to take a few photos of the condition of the OMEGA prior to sending it in for service!  Just a minor oversight on our part, but I will do my best to describe the condition of it.  The length of ownership at the point that the watch was sent in was about 10 years.  The case and bracelet had minor scratches and the highly polished surfaces had micro-marring and swirls.  In addition, there was a rather deep gouge on the underside of the watch case on one of the highly polished watch lugs near the serial number.  Why OMEGA placed the serial number in such a vulnerable spot is beyond me.  The watch had been taken to a jeweler who had removed the bracelet in a poor fashion and scratched the underside of the watch.  This almost nearly removed the serial number near the lug!  The watch’s movement was in horrible condition and was losing about 15 minutes a day.  Overall, the OMEGA was in desperate need of a full service repair.

OMEGA uses a CMS – content management system to communicate with customers on their watch repairs.  After receiving the watch for a few days, we received an email from OMEGA indicating that their analysis was completed and that should we move forward a credit card deposit was required.

OMEGA Post Repair:

OMEGA shipped the watch back to us via FedEx Express.  Inside the package was a good amount of bubble wrap along with a red OMEGA zippered watch pouch (similar to a sunglass case) and paperwork.  The paperwork was stapled and attached three small poly bags containing the worn watch parts that had been replaced.  I have to admit that it was nice to see the worn out parts!  Definitely gives you a sense of what parts were replaced.

The entire watch case and bracelet was wrapped in plastic to keep the watch from scratching in transit (from rubbing itself).  Nearly all of the scratches were removed and the bracelet was nearly perfect.  It looked brand new!

Our only Reservation/Issue with the repair:

The only caveat to the whole repair was that the technician did not polish the bezel or remove the scratches from the bezel.  In our opinion, all the technician had to do was remove the aluminum bezel insert and polish the scratches out of the bezel.  I called into OMEGA’s customer service to inquire about this and was advised that they do not polish the bezel or touch it at all.  They only provide an option to replace it for $300.


Please contact us and let us know if you have any questions about our experiences.  We are here to help you and will certainly talk to you about getting your watch repaired!

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